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The Art of Stretching Your Dollar by Rachel Albang, Amazon Product

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Several years ago, I began writing a short book with a few hints on how to get more for your money and it grew beyond my wildest imagination, verging on being the next War and Peace, albeit a lighter read. Ultimately, subdivision into six books with their own themes became a necessity. (“Part One: You and Your Money” will be released this summer and the rest of the series over the following months.)

What I’ve learned over the years is that spending less and saving more money doesn’t have to be a battle in any way and that simple adjustments, along with a touch of creativity, flexibility and increased awareness of what we’re getting for our hard earned dollars can make a world of difference to our bottom line. A few dollars multiplied by many products over the course of a year can add up to thousands of dollars painlessly saved!

My ideas don’t involve charts and graphs, being super strict, following a formula, or cutting endless coupons – it’s more about making choices in several areas of life (e.g. food, health, home, travel, clothing, etc.) that are manageable for you personally, no matter your income level, that can help you stretch your budget further.


Rachel Albang, Author of The Art of Stretching Your Dollar

I have degrees in Physical Education and Traditional Chinese Medicine which may initially seem unrelated but I’ve realized how wide the category of “Health” is in our lives and that how we deal with money and expenditures is a significant part of our overall well-being. I’m also an artist as well as a writer and consumer activist, based in Greater Vancouver, and my goal with this series is to help you be less stressed about money and focus on other important areas of your life.

My blog and book overlap to some degree, but there are also new ideas and approaches in the blog, since it turns out that even after seven years of writing the books, the subject matter seems to be infinite!

You’re up for the challenge of stretching your dollar, right? Like Winston Churchill said, “Never, never, never give up” and this can be applicable to many different challenges that you face. “Success”, monetarily and otherwise, can take many shapes and forms, so let’s find what works for you.

If you have any questions or comments click here to send me an email.

Let’s start spending less!

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