I had no plans to go back. Ever.

But plans change and I’ll never say never again, just like Sean Connery.

It’s all about TELUS and Shaw and Delta Cable/Eastlink and the dance we’ve done between the three over the last several years. I’d been less than thrilled with TELUS in the past and so shifted to Shaw, happy enough with their deals and services. But then we moved where Shaw was not, so the choice was DC or TELUS, and I wholeheartedly went with the former, even though I knew it would be a bit more expensive. Talk about stubborn, hey?

There was a big jump in prices with Delta from what we’d paid with Shaw for the same kind of package, so I asked, and received, a solid discount of $20 per month for a year. But then…the year ran out. And TELUS came knocking. And I answered the door like they were my best friend.

It definitely had to be a good deal to entice me though as I don’t love jumping ship at the drop of a hat, or fun cable lifestyle package.

Let’s check out the savings: in the first year we’ll save about $55 per month, in the second and third year we’ll save about $10 per month, and for the three years we won’t have to worry about package prices increasing, shaking, and stirring, like they did several times with Delta (one of the negatives of the non contract deal).

(We’ll have to cut out a couple of the theme packages to get the prices down after the first year but it won’t be hard as they’re channels that don’t get watched anyways.)

Add on a bonus $150 credit, and in total, that adds up to over $1000 saved over three years. Pretty solid, hey? Enough to buy three new TVs, if we needed that many.

And another bonus is that now we’re in the PVR world and we’re getting more product and convenient show taping for less money. The endless golf tournaments will no longer be neglected by my happy hubby.

For now, or at least the next three years, I’m feeling rather bonded with my new best buddy, TELUS, and all the extra bills that will be saved instead of spent.

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