What’s the difference between a work day routine and a treat?

Money, honey. And that’s no joke.

But the difference also comes down to the frequency of consumption – if you have something every day, is it now a routine instead of a real treat?

For several years now I’ve been able to work oh so conveniently from home, sometimes in comfy pj’s, no less. But once upon a time, I bussed for three hours a day, five days a week, to the other side of town to get to work, leaving my pj’s far behind.

Like many of you, I was “out there” and I understand the inclination to have more treats to help you get through the long days.

Sometimes from the deli I’d get a tasty sandwich overflowing with cream cheese, or from the bakery I’d get a cinnamon bun, funnily enough also flowing with cream cheesiness. Or maybe a tasty bag of chocolates from the local candy shop…with no cream cheese.

For the most part, my treat days were once a week, generally on Fridays as I felt I “deserved” it by then for slogging it through the week. And this way, it was something to look forward to as well as being more budget friendly.

For many of us, everyday things may simply not be as appreciated as much as once a week’s. If you had your favourite meal every day for lunch followed by your favourite cake, it might get a little ho hum, a little too routinish, don’t ya think?

Like anything special that we do for others or for ourselves, we can take things for granted when they happen too often.

What gets you through your work day or week, feeling like a necessity? Do you get special beverages, snacks, meals, or treats regularly, rarely, or somewhere in-between?

I know, you work hard and you “deserve” them but…how much are you spending each week, each year on these trips to the cafes, delis, and corner shops? If you spend even a modest $5 a day, that would work out to be $1250 over a year of fifty work weeks. Or $2500 if you spend $10 a day.

Maybe you can afford to do that and still have more than enough to save. Or maybe not. It’s all about personal priorities, finding a balance, and planning ahead, as well as living in the moment. Even a modest cutback could amount to substantial savings.

So what do you think? Can you come up with options of sustenance to bring from home to get you through the days while spending less? Just think how special it would be then to head out for sushi on Friday instead of every day!

What a treat.

And you can laugh all the way to the bank.

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