I had a dream the other night that Sean Connery was my biology teacher. I have no idea why. The word “biologic” may include the word “logic”, but the dream sure didn’t.

Other things are very logical, however. Like saving substantially on many items, but specifically in today’s blog it’s all about saving on food at the dollar store.

The other day I bought several packs of rice crackers, a variety of seafood (including wild salmon), olives, olive oil, garlic and onion seasoning, and some tasty beets in a jar. I spent $24 but these same items would have been at least twice that price if I’d bought them at the local grocery store, and some items were the exact same brands that could be purchased elsewhere. The extra virgin olive oil alone cost $2.50 as opposed to the $9 it would have cost at the grocery store.

While these items will last me a fair while, if I do a similar excursion every month, that will add up to a solid $300 saved in a year. If you had a larger family, you could spend that same amount in a week and save $100 a month.

Think of all the things you could buy for that amount, such as, a bond. A savings bond.

The rice crackers alone offer crazy savings as they are $1.25 instead of easily spending $4.00 on them elsewhere. For no good reason. And they go so well with my homemade hummus that costs $1 for a massive batch that would cost $8 if I bought the same amount from the store. Crackers and hummus, beets, and olives, not shaken or stirred, go down great as a super affordable mini lunch or snack.

I have to add, I’m a little disappointed in myself as I just bought a jar of pickles from the regular grocery store for $4 when I could have gotten them for half the price at the dollar store, but what can I say, it was an impulsive pickle purchase. (Try saying that five times!)

While there may be a great variety in pickles, in biology teachers, in who plays James Bond, and in the texture of the hummus I make from one time to the next, one thing you can often count on is significant savings at the dollar store. A very logical thing to do, don’t you think, Miss Moneypenny?

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