I was thinking…again. It’s one of those things that writers do a lot. Think, write, think again. 

But what came to mind was how little of something it can take to make a significant impact. Like a smile that brightens your day or new cushions livening up an old sofa or a bit sugar that lessens the bite of strong coffee.

Little things matter.

We can take that simple idea into our money matters and look at just four items and see what a difference can be made in one year.

How about a simple picnic under the willow tree with bread, olives, cheese and apples:

1) I can get a loaf of sliced, freshly made bread, 500 g, for $2 instead of spending $4 for a more processed and preserved same sized loaf and save $2 a week or $104 a year, at least.

2) I can get a full can of olives for $1 instead of spending $4 on the same amount at the deli section of the supermarket and save $3 every two weeks or $78 in a year.

3) For a big block of 800 g cheese we can spend $10 instead of easily spending $14 on the same amount and save $4 every two or three weeks, or at least $80 a year. 

4) A five pound bag of apples can go for $6 instead of purchasing the same amount of loose apples for $1.98 a pound and we save $4 a week or $208 a year.

To get the deal on the olives, I go to the dollar store but wait to do so until I have a full list to make that extra trip worthwhile. Other than that, there’s no “inconvenience” for the savings which adds up to $470 in a year. Multiply that by ten and add some interest and you have a good chunk of extra funds in your RSP. 

Just four items. The same amount in your fridge and your tummy, but more in your pocket. Imagine the possibilities…

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