I just watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – a remake starring Ben Stiller – and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I won’t give all the details away but the basic premise is that the character goes from having adventures in his mind to actually experiencing them in real life, like when he unexpectedly flies off to Greenland.

The ending of the film is what grabbed me the most (as endings are supposed to do). My interpretation of it is that what we desperately search for in life, far and wide, can already be right in front of us. As was the case also for Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and endless other movie characters.

As in, the answers may not be as complicated as we think.

Likewise, some challenges may not be even remotely as difficult as conquering the Himalayas, as Walter does on his quest.

In my series of six books on how to stretch your dollar, if I do a rough addition of some of the ideas of savings, not all, it can easily add up to $10,000 in a year, resulting mostly from modest modifications in life. The savings on large, medium, and small purchases can add up significantly enough to be a key factor in opening doors to what you thought were impossible dreams. Like flying off to Greenland, or owning a home on your own green land, or cement, if that’s what you prefer!

(Part One of the series The Art of Stretching Your Dollar is a bit delayed but should be ready in a few weeks.)

In the movie, the character Walter couldn’t endlessly carry on with adventures around the world or fly off to Never Never Land like Peter Pan. He watched his budget and had to ultimately make some practical choices and sacrifices for the basics to be covered, e.g., on how to afford to care for his mother, but he was able to see a much wider perspective of life after taking chances he’d only dreamed of.

It turns out that in life and savings, you can keep your feet on the ground and still climb or fly high at the same time. And that’s no secret.

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