Risk taking…hmm…in some ways I’d say I’m not a big risk taker. I don’t bungy jump off high bridges or sky dive. Then again, I’ve done my share of things like traveling alone and performing music live with shaky legs. But whether I’m shaking or not, I do prefer to keep the ground directly underneath my feet.

When I was thirteen, I had a nasty bike accident riding down a hill and fell hard on my face knocking out teeth and scarring my face for life. The dentists and I are well acquainted still, this many years later, as a few seconds can have life long effects. That’s another reason for me to stay grounded, watching where I’m going while still paying attention to what lies beneath on the hopefully smooth pathways.

Then again, on my travels, I must say I love the lumps and bumps of the charming cobblestone streets in Ye Olde Villages. They may be impractical and awkward, especially if you prefer high heels, but back in the day, they served a great purpose. 

As horses would navigate steep, slippery hills, the cobblestones helped them keep their grip, like in the town of Haworth, England, one of my favorite places in the world (home of the Bronte sisters). 

Having our own kind of “cobblestone” in life to keep us from falling off course is a good thing. 

I’d say one of my “cobblestones” is staying aware of the needs of the future not just the present. Owning a home in the here and now is good for today (and hopefully for the future) but getting my rear in gear with planning for the future is a major motivation for staying ultra aware of today’s spending habits, because even modest funds saved and put aside for RRSP’s can add up significantly. 

Those small amounts saved are like the bricks placed one at a time that can add up to a long and winding road and greater stability. And beyond the tangible thought of laying brickwork, I can’t forget that having faith helps me every step of the way.

As you head up a challenging, steep hill, what will help you stay grounded and focussed on your goals? What will be your “cobblestone”? 

I’d love to know what has helped you keep your grip through different difficulties of life, including your efforts to spend less and save more. 

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