I’ve done it. I’ve stepped over to the other side. Of the street, that is.

My husband and I (and our precious kitty kat) live in a charming seaside town where we don’t quite have every amenity I’d desire, but it’s close enough to all we need.

I seem to favour one side of the town centre that has the bigger grocery store, the smaller produce store, the pharmacy, the big name pet food store, and the library, because I love libraries!

But I finally ventured over the road to check out “the other” pet food store. And I was glad I did.

Along with some adorable wandering creatures, there were some healthy savings in store. The large cans (5.5 ounces) of wet food are only pennies more than the cans that are just over half the size (3 ounces) at the other pet food store. I’d previously preferred the smaller cans thinking my cat would get tired of the same flavour after more than two days, but several weeks into our big can experiment and barely a bite has gone to waste. (Even if finickiness is the case with your pets you could always try adding crunchies to make the last portions more enticing.)

The big bag of dry kitty food goes for $3 less at this store. The litter is also $3 less. And the small bags of crunchy treats are $1 less. And I’m sure some of the special supplements we’ve previously purchased will also go for a better deal when the time comes.

Over the course of a year we can save about $30 on dry, $25 on litter, $100 on wet food, and $12 on treats for a total of $167 saved for just crossing the street. If you have more than one pet, that would be an easy multiplication of savings.

But don’t get me wrong. I’m into spreading the love and money around our little town. And sometimes convenience will win out. But it’s great to know there’s yet another way to save some healthy cash in a super easy way while giving our little one all she needs.



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