My recent successful journey into saving on entrees was contrasted by the rising cost of going out for a simple treat.

Ironically, it was on the way home from our grocery shopping trip, where we bought food for 16 entrees and more for $20, when we were tempted to stop in at DQ, where we bought two modest medium dipped cones for $8.24. Or almost half of our week’s main meal budget!

Of course I agree that treats are important and am not keen on deprivation! But it got me thinking about how I could replicate their dipped cones. So I bought some similar cones (18) for just over $2 and some vanilla ice cream and attempted to cover them with melted chocolate.

Um, not super successful aesthetically, but still super tasty! The total cost per cone, as I generally get Breyer’s on sale, was less than $.75 per goopy chocolate dripping cone. Okay, the cones were super thin and broke very easily…

I figured I could do better than that at least superficially. So next came President’s Choice waffle bowls, 10 for $2.50. And these bowls are substantial, and fortunately, or unfortunately, fit a fair bit more ice cream, with no breaking happening. Until the breaking was intentional. And tasty.

I thought if I wanted to have an ice cream party, how affordable it would be. Waffle bowls for $.25 each, ice cream for a reasonable deal, topped with some grated chocolate or smarties or whatever. For about $1.00 per person. Sweet!

Let’s say if you want to treat your kids and their friends, you could save at least $3 per person by going this route instead.

You may still see me at the local DQ, hanging with my guy, having a cone or two, but I will also be savouring the sweet success of saving with some at home special treats. Here’s to you and yours for a sweet summer!

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