I’ve been getting farsighted with age and am finding the details of life aren’t always so clear.

I know, there are legitimate, physical reasons for this to happen to our eyes, even to those of us who took our 20/20 vision for granted for decades. But my theory is that the older, and hopefully wiser, we get, the less we need things to smack us in the face quite so obviously. We can spot the important things, as Bette Midler would sing, “from a distance”.

Then again, there are times when we need to take a closer look.

If we go shopping and just reach and grab, we can miss significant information and pay more than necessary. Yesterday I was shopping for lavender essential oil, to help rest my active writer’s mind, and there were two brands to choose from. One was in a much bigger box and cost over $18 and the other was in a smaller box and cost $10. Even the savviest shopper would assume that the bigger box offered much more product, but lo and behold, when I looked (squinted) close-up, I saw they contained the same amount of 10 ml.

Even from a distance, I’m sure you can easily imagine which product I picked.

If I go through four bottles a year, that’s $32 painlessly saved. Multiply that by dozens of products a year to see the significance of those savings.

Sometimes quality is the reason for such a discrepancy, but oftentimes, there’s no good explanation for why the price on an item is so much higher.

Can you think of examples where you reach for one product when perhaps there’s something beside it that could offer the same quality and amount for less? Or more product for the same cost? Like $3 for 250 grams of crackers instead of just 200 grams, or twenty percent less, for the same cost.

Vitamins, cookies, chips, breads, sunscreen, shampoo…there are endless examples of comparable products offered for varying prices that can work in your favour if you pick the better deal and still get all you need without an ounce of deprivation.

So whether you have perfect vision or are nearsighted or farsighted, and even if you are not a supermodel, “dahlink…it’s time for your close-up” and significant savings on endless products.

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