I’m a sensitive gal.

Being sensitive works well in regards to being a singer/songwriter (you can check out some of my tunes at www.soundcloud.com/ralbang). But for other areas it can be challenging.

It’s not just my heart that is sensitive. Even my ears, teeth, eyes, skin, and stomach tend to take issue easily. I’m the gal you’ll see wearing sunglasses on the cloudiest of days!

Now, you’d think being so sensitive would be costly in many ways, and while it can be, it doesn’t have to be.

Let’s look at a few examples:

1) Toothpaste: If I buy Sensodyne Toothpaste, I can spend $6 for a tube, but another brand like Arm and Hammer offers a comparable toothpaste for half the price. If I buy a tube of A&H every two months, I can save $18 a year. That’s not a lot, but multiplied by several products and family members, the amounts will really add up.

2) Laundry: If I use a name brand laundry detergent, I get an itchy face, e.g. from my pillowcases and towels, so instead of spending money on rash creams (e.g. $6 per month), I use a very gentle, chemical free liquid soap (Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap), spending about the same per load of laundry while helping the environment and my personal facial environment.

3) Sleep Challenges: As my ears are so sensitive, I can easily be bothered by noise that doesn’t affect others, so I regularly use two things (aside from ear plugs) to help me sleep: Rescue Remedy for Sleep that costs about $5 a month and Lavender Essential Oil that costs about $3 a month. I get to avoid being short on sleep, and the costs and side effects of prescriptions (at least $2 a night even for generic sleeping pills), and my husband gets to avoid a cranky wife… sometimes.

Can you think of any “special” items you buy and what some options could be?

If issues like being gluten intolerant are a challenge for you, leading to expensive alternatives, are there some things you could try like homemade black bean brownies (http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/2012/09/06/no-flour-black-bean-brownies/) that are easy and affordable to make? You can spend on a whole tray what it would cost for one gluten free brownie at the specialty bakery.

Simplification, trying alternatives, different brands…there are options for savings even if you are a sensitive one like me. Just these few options alone help me save about $700 a year.

Hmm…after some serious brow furrowing thought, I think it’s time to put on my sunglasses, get a little countrified, and go write me a song ‘bout bean brownies.


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