Do you like big bucks and you cannot lie?

Last week’s blog was about big bucks on a big item, as in, buying a house.

This week, we’re going to bring it down and talk about getting modest savings on a small item.

There are endless examples of products where we could get easy savings of $.50, $1, $2, multiplied by hundreds of purchases over the year, but let’s narrow our focus today to one example that makes life a bit smoother – razors.

The time finally came for me a couple of months ago. Not to just start shaving my legs but to buy a new bunch of plastic razors after being stocked up for years. I hadn’t actually had that many razors, e.g. I had a dozen, but they just lasted a really long time and did a fine job.

On my local razor quest, my options were limited though as there are no dollar stores close by. So off I went to the local pharmacy and got a bag of ten razors for $4.99 plus tax. $.50 per razor?! I wasn’t happy with the price, but at the time, the smoother legs of summer were a callin’.

So I started using them, one at a time, and was less than impressed. The razors were prettier and more colourful than my previous ones, with a special, shapely design. But they were actually too gentle, far too clog prone, and falling short on a close shave.

I had to travel over the same areas several times to get an almost, but still not fully, smooth shave. And I got more nicks than ever before, practically feeling like a hobbling pirate, even though I was the one who’d been robbed blind.

Paying more for a poorer result did not make me and my legs happy. And after about three uses, the razor was useless.

But relief was on the horizon and I made it to the distant dollar store where I got a bag of no name plainer razors – fifteen for $2. They aren’t as pretty, they’re just one colour, but they are way more efficient. I don’t have to cover the same ground endlessly and I don’t have to dig deep to unplug the blades beyond a quick rinse off. So the double bonus of these different double blades is that I get much more efficient use for much less money.

So let’s compare the costs: ten razors for $4.99 plus tax equals about $.55 per razor that last about two weeks each vs. fifteen for $2 plus tax or about $.15 per razor that last about two months each. In a year, I could spend about $15 or instead shave those expenses and spend $1. For super frequent shavers, the savings would easily quadruple to e.g. $35 saved in a year for making one easy choice over another.

For the fellas, the same or much greater savings can be had. Instead of spending $20 for five double blades ($4 each) you can spend $5 for ten ($.50 each) e.g. at Superstore. Depending on how often you shave you could save hundreds of dollars in a year by choosing one brand over another. You can even spend as little as $.10 a blade when you order them by the dozens on line.

What they cost, how long they last, how effective they are is what counts. Not how pretty they are. And not the name behind them that is shaving away at your savings.

I plan to avoid razor robbery, for years to come, while my modest savings add up rather nicely. Smooth sailing into the next season is on the map, with no hobbling necessary.


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