I’ve witnessed the shutting down of a Starbucks. I know, it’s shocking.

Actually, the reality is that they just moved about a block away to a more happening location. At either location, it’s a good thing they don’t count on me as I’m such a minimal coffee consumer.

I do have a treat card for Tim Hortons though from friends and popped in the other day for a creamy chocolate beverage. I was debating getting the medium or the small and asked the staff to show me the difference. But I couldn’t see a dramatic difference to be honest. The smaller cup, while shorter, looked wider. Either way, I figured the modest amount extra in the medium wasn’t actually worth a whole dollar more so I went with the small. Sure enough, I got my fill of chocolate creamy yumminess and have an extra dollar to go toward a future purchase.

For yourself, if you normally buy a large or a medium of whatever beverage, what about going one size down and saving about a dollar each time? If you go regularly, that could add up to a few hundred dollars saved in a year. With no deprivation whatsoever, unless a half a dozen fewer sips per day counts as deprivation.

You can take the same approach into, let’s say, Dairy Queen, and order a medium Blizzard instead of a large, or a small instead of a medium. The one time I tried to do a comparison of the small and medium, I didn’t find much difference at all, especially as the small had more of a crown going on than the medium. The consistency of the frozen dessert may be consistent, but the amounts poured may be inconsistent. Either way, the small just may do the job to satisfy one’s sweet tooth.

The fact is, sometimes our eyes are bigger than our bellies, as in, we just don’t need as much to be satisfied as we are tempted to initially reach out for, and those last few bites or slurps are just to finish the job as opposed to truly enjoying it.

So how about getting all the treats you want but having just a bit less, and see your sweet savings rise royally, like an extra dose of whipped cream on top.

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