There’s a lot going on in my world these days. And unfortunately, my last three books of my six book series, that still need their final edits, are being neglected for now.

If you caught my last blog before I took it down, after its time had passed, you’ll know what’s happening, as in, I am now surprisingly solo. I am looking for a new home, and a dramatically downsized one at that, as I pack up and clear out this lovely, large abode that I thought we would dwell in for years to come.

I’ve even already had a garage sale and a couple of charity shop drop offs (e.g. the Christmas tree I thought we’d use for years), and there was definitely a freeing feeling getting rid of stuff that neither of us will need.

I may have many questions still, but I’m not a “why me” kind of gal. I’ve learned over the years, as I’ve previously blogged about in different contexts, that the need for flexibility in life is paramount. Sometimes you’ve got to go with the flow, even when you have no idea where it’s going, because we sure can’t control everything in life.

A song I’ve done that I still want to do a video for is called “Eager to Go (Even if I Don’t Know Where I’m Going)” and that feels somewhat applicable, although the eagerness is not what it could be yet as the shock still needs to subside.

Meanwhile, in the interim of packing up, I’ve been a bit of a rebel. I’ve been ordering many movies through On Demand instead of getting them free from the library; I’ve turned the heat up a notch – one, yes, one, whole degree, feeling the need to be cozier; and I’ve even been buying premade food – e.g. splurging on expensive sushi and savoury pies.

I know, I’m a bad girl. But you gotta do what you gotta do to get by sometimes.

The inclination to save every last dollar for “us” has of course subsided, though I will get back to my natural saving ways when, or perhaps even before, the funds are subdivided. But in the midst of survival and dealing with all sorts of stresses, sometimes you have to loosen the reins.

I cover a lot of different topics in my books and one of the key elements I want readers to keep in mind is that what applies to another, may not to themselves, and that the only constancy in life is change. We all need to find what works for us as individuals, or as couples, as the case may be. I’m not saying to ignore good advice, but rather find what areas of life are truly manageable for you personally to modify regarding your spending habits, instead of cutting back dramatically on something that can’t be maintainable, as if you’re on a strict diet that will soon be blown.

Basically, I’m hoping that whatever modifications you’ll make in a variety of areas will all be pretty much painless, and that the twenty, fifty, or hundred dollars that are saved here and there on small, medium, and large purchases, will add up to be thousands over a year, expanding your options in life. While many things are out of our hands, some things are fully within our grasp to control, or at least improve.

Because my husband and I were able to watch our expenditures for several years and put a fair bit toward home equity, I will soon be buying a new little abode in this increasingly expensive Vancouver market, and for that I feel fortunate. Okay, so I am looking at the first time buyers’ kinds of places, but still, I’m lucky.

Did we tighten our belts too much in some ways? Yes, the eating out was limited, and I now realize how our holidays had been dramatically lacking the last couple of years and how unhealthy that was. So I’ve learned that saving too much towards the future with too great of a sacrifice on the present may ultimately limit your future, and that finding the right balance is important.

It’s never too late to learn these significant things, right?

Aside from a couple of new insights, I’d say I don’t know very much right now about why everything happens or what lays ahead, except that I have a big house to clean and I’ll be eating sushi for dinner tonight. After that, I will just suck in my gut, say some prayers, and just go for it day by day, and see where the road takes me. And I’ll be sure to get back to my super smart spending in the near future, but with the ongoing goal of finding a flexible, manageable, life long balance in my “new life”, along with a healthy dose of eagerness, and wasabi on the side.

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