I’d say we’re generally a society that thrives on being rewarded, or rewarding ourselves, in big and little ways. 

On a dreary Monday, we might need that mochaccino to get through the morning or our favourite show to watch at night with a treat like ice cream or potato chips. We need to encourage ourselves through those extra tough, first few days of the week to help us slug on through, right?

And then we may reward ourselves at the end of the week for getting through it – maybe a cinnamon bun on Friday or going out to lunch or having drinks after work, etc. Not to mention extra treats on Saturday or Sunday because “it’s the weekend”.

I like rewards. I liked getting star stickers on the spelling quizzes in elementary school. I liked, and still like, encouragement and positive feedback from others and from myself.

My husband is an electrician, and whenever he mentions fixing a fan, I break out into a little routine of “Go Ritchie, Go Ritchie…!” It’s silly but it always makes us laugh and I like the idea of us each having cheerleaders and friendly fans to encourage us on, with no rewiring necessary.

When I joined a cheerleading team in grade eight and found the coach to be…well, not nice, it made me run a mile, and join the basketball team. Okay, so my first basketball coach was not my favourite either, and I struggled through, eventually leaving that team to find my way to much kinder, more encouraging coaches over the years.  While with one coach I was a bench warmer, with others, I was occasionally actually a Most Valuable Player.

I imagine that, like me, you prefer to be uplifted in endless ways in life as opposed to just struggling through. We can’t always get what we need from others but we can be our own cheerleader, and getting smarter with how we spend can feel incredibly rewarding and help us thrive, not just survive. 

For example, I love having enough funds leftover, after covering regular life, to be able to move a few dollars to different accounts like the travel account. Because holidays are an awesome way to reward ourselves, and a great excuse to eat ice cream, like I need any more excuses to do that.

So on your quest to be wiser with your money, you may want to think of special ways to reward yourself that will encourage you to stay on track. What are some ideas that come to mind that don’t involve over spending your hard earned funds? Or will simply seeing the growing figures in your accounts be encouragement enough?

Even if there are no shaking pom-poms in your near vicinity, don’t forget the cheerleader that exists within as she/he desperately wants to cheer you on to win in the savings game within which you are your own M.V.P.

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